According to Heraclitus, there is nothing permanent in this world except change. Both living and non-living either evolve or perish in time. Thus, people also change. I saw people around me change as they grow up, as they move on, for other people and for themselves. But is it necessary? Is it inevitable? Is change really part of our life?

Majority might say "of course" since they have experienced change firsthand. Some would say it's a choice and some would say it's unavoidable. However, change can be physical or something intangible. All of us undergo these changes because of our hormones, environment and sometimes, pressure.

They say we shouldn't be ashamed of our natural features but society has already set the beauty standards, making several people insecure about their own face and body. Can you blame them for wanting to change if they're starting to hate their own features? Some might say, yes, because they are weak and they let others affect them, forcing them to change but what if that's their source of confidence? What if they did it to be accepted? What if their insecurities are stronger than them? What if it's the only thing to make them happy?

We don't exactly know their reasons but maybe, for them, change is inevitable. It is needed.

Some people also change their physical appearance because of other people, especially when one is attracted or in love. Everyone wants to be the right person for the person they love. The truth is, you weren't the one, but trying to be it. You change yourself by fitting to the ideals of that person, losing your true self. But can you blame them for trying? What if it's the only way for them to be noticed? To be loved?

Again, we don't exactly know but for them, change is a necessity for them to love and be loved.

Most of the times, change isn't physical but something intangible and personal. Something only us and the people close to us can observe and this change is driven by stronger emotions. I've seen people who have changed because they were deeply hurt, betrayed or mocked. I've seen people who chose to change because they don't like their past selves anymore. We see people who say you should just be yourself but those are the same people who judge you for being yourself. So can you blame them for changing their personality? For killing their old selves for the sake of others and themselves?

Again, we don't exactly know but for them, change is a way to survive and to move forward.

So is change really part of our life? The answer is both yes and no. Humans are not creatures of change. We crave for stability and we have a tendency to resist any sudden change. However, even if we are afraid and tend to avoid change, it is necessary. Change, for people, is an effect and the causes are society, the people around us, pressure, feelings, success and failures. Whether we like it or not, whether we are afraid of it, change is bound to happen through our lifetime.

Why? Because change is a law of nature. It is the basic law of life.