“You’re alone most of the times. Aren’t you lonely?” most people would ask. You see, being alone doesn’t equate to being lonely. Even though they may have a big intersection, those two are different sets. Also, I do not get the stigma about solitude when in fact, for some people, it is a choice.

Like me.

Solitude is my security blanket. I choose to be alone because that’s the most effective way to protect myself from noise, pressure, expectations and pain. It has always been a part of my comfort zone where I can lower down my guard and relax.

Solitude allows me to be myself. I’ve built layers of walls and wear masks everyday because I am afraid of people knowing and seeing the raw and vulnerable me. Most of the times, those walls and masks suffocate me. However, there’s a strange calmness in taking time out of this dull and monotonous life to be with myself and to be myself. When I’m alone, I am able to breathe.

Solitude brings silence. In this chaotic world, sometimes, the only place where you can find peace is when you’re alone. Loud voices, chatters and sounds easily drain me that’s why I always prefer the silence in solitude. However, quiet can be terrifying because it also amplifies the voices of my demons. It’s hard but it’s a necessary process. After all, the only one who can defeat them is me and I won’t allow them to control the serenity I enjoy in silence.

I never feel alone when I’m alone. Do you know why? Because solitude is my choice and a necessity at the same time.