Everyone has their own set of fears or phobias and here are mine:

Drowning / Sea

I always view the sea or ocean as a spectacular sight: its clear and vibrant color, how it reaches the horizon, its calmness and the refreshing sensation you get while looking at it. But despite these things, fear always dominate me every time I step into the water. Its vastness, depth and uncertainties horrify me and my inability to swim makes it worse.

I still remember the time when me and my friends went to Puerto Galera. They were very excited because of the water activities that they can do such as parasailing, jet ski, banana boat and snorkeling. I was very scared but I don't want to spoil the fun so I decided to join them. I don't know how many times I clung to my life vest or to whoever was nearest to me, and drank too many saltwater. After going through the banana boat, jet ski and snorkeling, I declined the more challenging activities because I might die due to drowning or heart attack.

I thought I can overcome this fear but I guess it's not that easy.

Darkness / Ghosts

I am scared of the dark as much as drowning. I can't sleep when it's total darkness since I have a very active imagination. When it's dark, it always feels like someone or something is watching me. That's why I rarely turn off the lights in my room and I have never watched any suspense or horror movies, because I think I won't be able to sleep and the scenes will linger inside my head. I am really a coward when it comes to things like this so for sure, I won't be able to conquer this fear. Guess I'll just have to live in the light side.