There are several and different reasons why a writer write a story.

Ever since I started writing on Wattpad, my goal is to share these stories inside my head to the world and of course, to have readers who can share their opinions and emotions about the stories with me.

Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones since my stories were often on the What's Hot list before and because of that, I gained a number of readers. And no, I am not being humble. Even though I love Campus Royalties, I know for a fact that it's cliche and shallow. I know that that it has too many grammatically incorrect phrases and sentences, plot holes and inconsistencies. That's why when I was contacted to publish it, I had a lot of doubts. Of course, one of my dreams is to have a physical copy of my book but I don't think Campus Royalties is a material for publishing. However, some of my readers want to have a physical copy, too, so I agreed.

It was really a "dreams come true" moment for me. I never thought that holding my own story would feel so ecstatic. But I didn't know that some would view me as a money-hungry writer just because I deleted some parts of the story on Wattpad. Of course deleting the story is in the contract since it will be copyrighted and I know for a fact that some readers won't be okay with this. But calling published writers money-hungry people isn't cool. Heck, it's rude.

Honestly speaking, the royalties I get from my story isn't my main reason for my publishing decision. It's simply because I WANT MY STORIES TO BE IN PRINT. Simple as that. I didn't even care for the money (I actually got it one year later because I have no time to get it at the office) after publishing it.

Right now, I don't have any plans to publish my story mainly because I don't have the time to edit them and I have personal problems with regards to publishing. I just want to write for my own satisfaction, and of course for my readers too. I want to get these stories and plots out of my head because they are too distracting and it will be a shame it they stayed only in my mind.

And the main reason? I just love writing. I love it that it's impossible for me to quit. I love it because it brings me to different worlds.

Writing is my breathing space.

Simple as that.