I’m finally home!

It’s been three days since I last went home to my apartment because we’re currently building the guild. I can’t believe that after a year, we’re all back together again. I’m also glad that they received my letter and went back here in Magnolia.

I immediately went to shower and I stayed at the tub for an hour, reminiscing the painful year without any Fairy Tail members. I realized how sad I was and tears started falling on my cheeks. C’mon Lucy, there’s no need to cry anymore! I said to myself. Fairy Tail is back again so there’s no need to worry.

I left the tub and covered my body with a towel before stepping out of the bathroom. I was happily humming when I suddenly saw Natsu and Happy on the living room.

“Yo! Lucy!” Natsu said while eating my chips.


“What the heck are you doing here?!”

“Why are you getting mad? Man, Lucy became stingy. Right, Happy?”


I’m really glad Natsu is back but why does he have to crash at my place every single time? He really doesn’t know the meaning of privacy and personal space!

I marched at their direction and stole the chips he’s eating.

“It’s already late! Go home, both of you!” I said while pointing at my doorway but he suddenly lunged at me.

“I’m not done eating yet! Give it back, Lucy!”

“But this is mine!”


I extended my arm so he can’t reach it but he suddenly pulled my waist and reached for my right hand. But before he reach the chips, we were already falling to the floor and the towel covering my body loosen up. The next thing I knew, Natsu was already above me and his head was on my chest.

“N-Natsu! Get off me, you pervert!” then I pulled his hair.

“Ow! What was that for?! And I already saw you naked for a few times,” he said as a matter-of-factly and I think I blushed too much.

“Don’t say it like that! It’s like you’re used to it!”

“But I’m used to it.” He stared at my body and I instinctively punched his face.

“Don’t look at it!” I pulled the towel and covered my body. Damn it why didn’t I put some clothes on before stepping out of the bathroom?!

I quickly ran to my room and put a sleeveless white dress on. After that, I stepped out and saw Natsu eating the chips again while Happy is already asleep on the floor. I stood in front of him and crossed my arms.

“So? When are you guys going to leave?”

“Actually, that’s why we’re here.”


“We’re going to stay here for a week or two.”

I thought I  misheard what he said but when he repeated it, I cannot control my expressions anymore.

“What?! Wait, why?”

“The place we’re staying before is already full and the guild is still under construction so we don’t have a place to stay.”

“Then where did you stay for the last three days?”

“At Gray’s but he dumped us! That bastard!”

I sighed and slumped at the floor. Well, Natsu helped me a lot of times and I guess staying here for a week would be my payback.

“Fine. But you’re going to sleep on the f—”

“Yes! Good night, Lucy!” then he suddenly ran to my bedroom while I was left dumbfounded. My mind snapped and I followed him to my room.


Wow. He’s already asleep. So fast!

I guess there’s no choice. I settled on my bed, beside Natsu and looked at his face. I found myself smiling because his face didn’t change a bit. When he suddenly left the guild to train by himself, I felt alone. Maybe because I am always with him and Happy. I waited for them and when I finally saw them during the tournament, I was so glad that I ended up crying.

I really missed him.

I reached my hand and touched his face. He looks stronger than before and his presence is really strong even though he’s sleeping. I just want to look at him all night because I’m afraid that he’ll be gone when I wake up tomorrow.

He suddenly moved and I was about to pull my hand away but he caught it halfway and he pulled me closer to him. He hugged me tightly and I was enclosed in his arms. I can feel the beat of his heart and the warmth of his body. I always thought that he’s always warm because of his fire dragon slayer magic.

“Lucy...” I stopped breathing when I heard him say my name. Is he awake?

“N-Natsu?” Instead of answering me, he hugged me tighter and my heart did a backflip.

“I missed you...” he suddenly whisphered and something inside me burst.

I think I’m going to be awake this whole night.