Guardians: Incantations

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Sal-ve – to summon guardians from the spirit dimension

Nés-sa – to bring back guardians into the spirit dimension

So-hai – to urge your guardian to stay near you

Sensen barries – barrier

Fal-de – to ease the mind of a guardian; used to calm the berserk guardians

Es freit mich sie, ich han liip! Mwe kontan fe konesana siz menen ku zibana! Sal-ve! – incantion for the birth and marking of a guardian

Lutem olmasa per pias hyva. Gliek vat furtuna vinaka viel! – incantation for the blood seal of a guardian and Divian

ocien buorre reis! – incantation after the blood seal and the formation of guardian

Es hyva fe vies diaz. Morien alav sativa chroina il piero mergus. Comvien han! – merging of one body part of a guardian and a Divian

Cies kai – releasing or undoing the half-animal form

Cessante – to stop the movement of the guardian



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