Seventh Sense: Sixth Senses

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Akemi – can repel objects by looking at them

Hideo – can see everything around him

Naomi – can freeze a certain area or dimension for a given time

Mitsuo – can easily memorize things but also easily fade away

Akira – enhanced hearing

Michiko – can summon any weapons

Mayu – can control any programs by looking and touching them

Rin – can attract objects by looking at them

Haruka – can see what happened five seconds after the present time

Daiki – can see the fatal points of the body

Kuro – can manipulate the Black Dimension at his will



Tantei High: Families

Tantei High: Alternative Names

Tantei High: Sixth Senses

Seventh Sense: Shinigami Hierarchy

Seventh Sense: Alternative Names

Seventh Sense: Sixth Senses

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Erityians: Abilities

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Standstill: Senshin Clans

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Babaylan: Tauhan

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