"The Best New Artist award goes to . . . Black Pink!"

Cheers erupted as the MC's announced the winner and we all stood up and clapped to congratulate them. After that, the stage was prepared for the next performer.

"Omo," Wendy suddenly commented.
"Why? Why?" I asked but she just covered her mouth. "What's wrong?"
"Jimin-ssi just stole a glance from you," she said. "Omo, omo, look, look."

I was forced to look at BTS-sunbaenims direction because of her passionate reaction but I didn't see Jimin-ssi looking at us. I don't know but ever since what happened last MAMA and Seoul Music Awards, they keep on teasing me with him.

"He's not looking, though I saw Jin-ssi staring at you," I retorted and she stopped talking. I got her.

We focused on the stage since 10cm-sunbaenim went out and started to sing. The crowd sang with him and Wendy was just humming since she didn't know the lyrics.

Do you really like spring you fools?
Are cherry blossoms really that pretty you idiots?
Flower petals eventually fall, I hope you all fall too
I hope you all break up

"Seulgi-ya," Irene eonni called and she bent over to see me.
"Did I iron your clothes yesterday?" she asked and Wendy chuckled because of her question.
"Ah, yeah eonni. You did." She's too obsessed with ironing our clothes and the four of us think that she's too cute and funny when she talks about motherly stuff.
"Eonni, eonni," Joy whispered and she pointed at the camera. We were showed on the screen so we waved our hands but I was embarrassed because of our conversation.

Don't hold hands, don't link arms, don't hug each other
Please don't do anything
Don't have your heart flutter, don't have a heart attack, don't be happy
Don't come into my vision

We just laughed it off and we decided to play with the bubbles. I've already burst a couple of them, as well as Irene eonni, who was enjoying the bubbles.

"Wendy eonni," Joy whispered. "I think you're right."
"About what?" she asked, definitely interested about it.
"Jimin-ssi is staring at her. Omo, wait, why am I thrilled?"
"I told you!" she squealed.
"You're just making things up," I said and the two of them looked at me with their taunting expression. And one more thing, I don't want to assume.
"How about this? Just quickly wave your hand at his direction and if he responds, we win. You're going to be our maid for tonight if we win," she suggested and Joy showed her contemptuous smile.
"That's a great idea, eonni. Call."
"You kids," Irene eonni suddenly said but after that, she resumed her bubble-bursting activity.
"Fine. I'm going to prove you," I declared.

I inhaled slowly, and somehow, I'm quite nervous. It's okay if he doesn't respond since that means they were just toying with me, and if he does . . . well, I think I'm going to be jittery.

Okay. Here I go.

I quickly turned my head at their direction and waved once, but I started to panic when I saw him looking. I immediately retreated and leaned back, hoping that he didn't see what I just did. God, that was embarrassing!

"Eonni!" Joy screeched as she continuously slap my arm.
"Omo, omo, omo, omo he waved back!" Wendy added and I don't know what to do anymore.

I pretended not to hear them and just glued my eyes on the screen. Did he really wave back? I thought I was just imagining things a while ago, but now I'm flustered. What I did was cringeworthy and these two wasn't helping with all their teasing.

I calmed myself down and I just realized that my mind was wandering for a few minutes since I was surprised when the MC's called us for an award. I immediately stood up along with my members and bowed to our fellow artists and fans. But what surprised me was Jimin-ssi. When I bowed towards them, I saw him smiling and the embarrassment a while ago was replaced with delight.

"Thank you," I mouthed, without saying it to a specific person, and I saw him smiling again. I looked away, hiding my flustered face from everyone, and I think I won't forget his genuine smile tonight.