"Maknae-ya," Irene eonni called but Yeri was busy cleaning her room. "Kkobugi!" she tried again and this time, Yeri turned around.
"Careful," she said, pointing above since the things inside the highest drawer were sticking out and they might fall to her.

We were busy these past few days because we're finally moving to our new dorm next week. Of course, we need to pack our things up and clean our current dorm. Actually, we haven't seen the new dormitory yet so we're all excited to move. However, the downside was we won't be able to attend MAMA this time due to our busy schedule off-stage.

"Kkangseul!" Wendy playfully called and I peeked at our kitchen.
"Help me here."

Irene eonni is usually the one assigned in cooking but Wendy also likes it so she cooks for us when Irene eonni can't cook or isn't around.

"What are you cooking?" I asked and she smiled at me.
"Kimchi soup!"

She ordered me to slice some of the ingredients and she focused on cooking. Joy was just roaming around since she already finished cleaning her things and she decided to stay here in the kitchen. I noticed that she's been checking the wall clock since 7 PM though I don't know why.

"Ya, stop checking the time," Irene eonni suddenly said and Joy was surprised.
"I'm not!"
"You'll see your Deok Hwa later, Sooyoungie," Wendy teased and I realized that today is the airing of Goblin's pilot episode. So that's why Joy was anxious.

After cooking and packing up, we all gathered in the living room. Wendy and I prepared the food on the low table while the three organized the place. At exactly 7:55 PM, Joy turned on the television and all of us waited for the new drama in tvN, Goblin.
Yeri was busy looking at her phone and she said she just updated our instagram account by posting the song she's currently listening to.

"Aish. Why is his role a player?" Joy suddenly exclaimed when Sungjae appeared on the screen. Her sudden outburst made us laugh since she told us that Sungjae didn't reveal if he has a love interest in the drama.
"Ah. I just remembered something," Wendy chimed in and she looked at me in a teasing way.
"What is it?" Yeri asked while eating her food.
"Last time, Seulgi and I went to the supermarket to buy drinks, right?"
"Wan-ah." I tried getting her attention but she still continued.
"I didn't know what happened but she showed up ten minutes late, wearing a different cap."
"Really?" For the first time, Irene eonni became interested.
"Oohh. What happened, eonni? Tell us," Joy asked but her facial expression suddenly changed when Sungjae was shown on the screen again.
"Then whose cap was that?" Yeri demanded and all eyes were now on me. "You know that you're not a good liar, eonni, right?"

Their stares were pressuring me so I had no choice but to tell them what really happened. Remembering that event made my face red and their taunting made it worse. However, I didn't tell them what he said before I left. I want that moment to be just between us.

"I really think he's interested in you," Wendy declared making me more flustered.
"That was just a coincidence. Nothing more."

The topic has shifted though it remained about guys. The maknaes teased Irene eonni since she doesn't have any crush right now, though we weren't sure about that since she's not the type to share about her own feelings.

"Wow. The first episode was good," Irene eonni said when the credits started to roll.
"Yeah. Their acting are on point," Joy added. "And as long as that oppa isn't flirting."

After some time, we changed the channel to watch the MAMA. It was regrettable that we couldn't attend the award show but it can't be helped since we got so many things to do. First, we're moving to our new dormitory; second, we're actually preparing for a comeback though it's still not decided if we're going to push it this December; and third, we still haven't practiced with Yeri yet after the incident.

"Wow. That collaboration stage between Gfriend and Seventeen was good."
"Whoa. They finally performed Dream."
"Oh! Your savior's group won an award," Yeri said when BTS won the Best Dance Performance for Male Group and I lightly hit him on the shoulder.
"Hm? Why is there a missing member?" Irene eonni asked.
"Wait," Joy said, typing something on her phone. "Ah. Suga-ssi was injured."

This girl really likes to search anything about the entertainment world. Well, it's not that bad since she's always updated.
We just watched all the performances but during BTS' turn, even if I don't want to, my eyes were glued to him. His Bad Meets Evil performance where he was blindfolded amazed me and his charisma was skyrocketing.

"Wow. They are so in-sync," Wendy commented while Jimin and J-Hope dance.
"Someone's falling in love," Joy butted in and looked at me with her teasing smile.

I didn't say anything in return but they kept teasing me until their part was over. After that, we all went to our respective rooms to get some rest since tomorrow, we'll start moving things.


"Eonni! Let's go!"
"Ya! Don't forget that bag!"

We started transferring our things inside our new dorm and as we moved them, I kept looking at the interior and I must say that this was really better than our previous dorm. The kitchen, living room and bathroom were more spacious and now we have three separate rooms. Irene eonni has a solo room, Wendy and me occupied the other while the last was for Yeri and Joy.
After the exhausting trip and moving, we decided to take a rest first since it was just 5 in the morning. However, Wendy wanted to cook so she went to the kitchen while the three fell asleep.

"Wan-ah," I called and she turned around.
"I'll just jog outside."
"Are you sure? It's cold."
"Yeah. I'll be back at 6."
"Okay! Food will be ready by then."

I took out my jacket after wearing three layers of clothes and putting my running shoes. After that, I went out and started jogging in the middle of the cold morning.

I like being independent
Not so much of an investment
No one to tell me what to do
I like being by myself
Don't gotta entertain anybody else
No one to answer to...

When my favorite song played, I increased the volume of my phone and sang along. Luckily, the park near our dorm was circular so I won't have to look at the map on my phone. After some time, I decreased my pace and decided to walk but something caught my attention. A guy was sitting on the bench near the track and his head was swaying side by side and beside him was a metal trashcan.
A bit concerned, I strolled toward him but when I saw his head and body slowly leaning to the trashcan, I ran and before it hit the metal, my hand caught the side of his head.

"Oh my God, are you okay?" I asked but I can't see his face since his cap and hoodie were covering it. However, when I saw his cap, realization hit me.
"I'm sorry, I fell asleep—"

He lifted his head and our eyes met, making my body froze not because of the weather but due to the situation. How in the world . . . Why is Jimin-ssi here?

I immediately removed my hand from his face and shuffled away.

"S-sorry, I-I didn't—!"

I was about to run away but he suddenly grabbed by arms and pulled me closer as the cyclist yelled at us. If he hadn't pulled me into him, I would be hit by the bicycle.

"Are you okay?" he asked. My heart pounded against my chest, preventing me from breathing and speaking. "Seulgi-ssi, are you okay?" I didn't want to make him worry so I nodded but my knees were still shaking.

He noticed it so he led me to the bench and we both sat. After a minute or two, I was finally calm but my heart was still beating fast. I was about to say sorry about what had happened but I was surprised when his head fell on my shoulder. My body stiffened, afraid that I'd wake him up. Then I realized that he must be really tired to fall asleep outside. Well, his group has been successful this year and I'm sure he didn't have enough time to sleep due to their busy schedule.

I patted his head and relaxed my shoulder.

"Rest. You deserve it," I whispered.

The morning got colder but I didn't mind. After all, this guy saved me twice now. I don't know why we keep on seeing each other accidentally but now, I'm starting to look forward to our next meeting.