Na-inlove na ba kayo?
Kung oo, kanino?

Sa playboy?
Sa heartthrob?
Sa varsity player?
Sa rich kid?
Sa handsome gangster?

Why do girls always fall in love with these kind of guys? Sabagay...

Gwapo. Hot. Mayaman.
Yan naman lagi ang ideal guy ng normal girls. 

Ako rin naman eh. Dati.

Oo, dati. Pero hindi na ngayon.

I fell in love with that kind of guy, but after what he did, hindi na ulit ako tumingin sa criteria na nabanggit ko. They are liars and cheaters.

But one day, I met this geek guy.
And something hit my mind.

He’s the kind of guy that negates the concept of my ‘ideal man’

I can use him.
No. I’ll use him.
And I’ll help him.

I can take my revenge on them, and I can help him change.
This will benefit the both of us. 

I’ll be his tutee.
He’ll be my tutor.

Right. We’ll have a tutorial. 
A tutorial that will change our life.

And it’s funny how he entitled it with…
Our Love Tutorial.