Chapter 12

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Before he could finish his attack, I deflected it with the dagger strapped on my legs. I immediately rolled away from him and hit the switch on the wall. The sudden flash of light illuminated the whole room and made me squint. On the other hand, Spider shut his eyes off, giving me a chance for another attack.

I didn't waste that chance and lunged at him with my dagger. With a swift movement, I slashed his side and before he could utter a sound, I targeted his pressure point on the neck, nauseating him and soon after, he fainted.

Pagkatapos no'n ay nag-collapse ako sa gilid niya dahil sa sobrang bilis ng pangyayari. He easily saw through my disguise but I was lucky since I caught him off-guard. Damn, that was really close.

Pinindot ko kaagad ang earring ko at ni-report sa kanila ang nangyari.

"I was attacked by Spider and he knew that I am an Erityian."
"What? Where are you? I'll go there," tanong ni Cliff kaya naman sinabi ko kaagad kung nasaan ako.
"What did you do to him?" tanong naman ni Jett.
"I knocked him out," I said.
"At least you didn't kill him."
"Good thing you didn't kill him."

What? These men, really . . .

"You guys! Do you think I will kill this guy just because he saw me?!"
"Yeah," halos sabay pa nilang sagot at napataas ang kilay ko.
"Anyway, Nel. You should hide him first. We don't want any Black to discover him knocked out inside that room. I'll fetch you in a while," sabi ni Cliff.
"He's right. I'll move into another position so that I can see what's happening in your area," dagdag ni Cliff.

Napabuntong-hininga na lang ako at nag-agree sa plano nila. Man, why do I have people who can't even follow and listen to their captain's instructions and words?

Pagkatapos ng pag-uusap namin ay tinignan ko ulit si Spider. His hideous appearance was still creeping me out but I had no choice. With the chains and rope I found inside this room, I gagged and tied him up, hoping that he wouldn't regain his consciousness yet. After that, I dragged him inside the toilet and put a listening device on his clothes so that we could wiretap him once he wakes up.

"Cliff," I said after tapping my earring. "Where are you right now?"
"I was just about to call you. Don't get out of there yet," he said in a serious tone.
"What? Why? What happened?"
'He's here again.' Nagulat naman ako dahil bigla siyang gumamit ng patheia. That meant the enemy is within his range and he was near my location.
'Dim, and he's looking for Spider.'

Kanina lang ay pinatawag niya si Cliff at ngayon ay nandito na naman siya? Natahimik kami pareho at alam kong isa lang ang nasa isip namin ngayon. I immediately turned off the light and did what I have to do.

'Be careful.'
'Five meters.'
'Got it.'

After two seconds, I stepped out of the room.

The Blacks roaming outside were surprised by my appearance. Dim stopped in front of me, and I tried my best to imitate his expression.

"Spider," he said and I glared at him.
"Huh? What do you want?"
"Come with me," sabi niya at nagsimula ulit siyang maglakad.

Hmm. I wonder if the three drittes here also have their own ranking. If he could order Spider like this, then he might have a higher rank than Spider, right? But I doubt Spider would allow them to boss him around, given his personality. Well, let's give it a try.

"And if I don't?" sabi ko at bigla siyang napahinto. Several Blacks glanced at us, aware of the building tension between me and Dim.
"Spider," he called with a hint of authority. "Do you really want to make Ink angry?"

The mention of that name was enough to make the mood heavier. Some Blacks decided to walk away while few of them stayed, curious about the other dritte. Clearly, they were afraid of him. Was that an indication that he was the number one among the three of them?

"Yes. He's waiting for us. Now, shall we go?" He smirked at me.
"Tss." Sumunod ako sa kanya. I glared at everyone who kept on looking at me and some of them scampered away.

This kind of chance shouldn't be wasted so using my lenses, I scanned Dim from head to toe. His data would be transferred to Naia and I hope she could find something useful.

Napansin ko naman na kumokonti ang Blacks na nakakasalubong namin. We returned to the narrow hallway and went to another, one of the routes we didn't choose earlier. After two or three junctions, we finally stopped and came face to face with a dead end—or so I thought.  When Dim touched the wall, a door appeared in front of us, casting off its camouflage.

I didn't get surprised when I couldn't see anything inside. These guys really liked to live in the dark. My eyes had adjusted to the dark after that scuffle with Spider.

"We're here," Dim announced and a bright orange light glowed in the dark along with the smell of cigarette. 
"Sit down. We'll start this meeting," a deep voice said.

Bigla ko namang naalala ang nangyari kanina. This room was too dark and they might see the real color of my eyes, just like Spider. I immediately shut my eyes off and changed my position, placing my feet on the table to make it look like I was bored.

"So what is this all about, Ink?" tanong ni Dim.
"I received a new order from Coal."

Coal? I'd heard that name before. He was one of the Blacks in the chatroom that Cliff had slipped into before. If the order was from him, he must have a higher status. A zweite, perhaps?

Bigla naman siyang nagbigay ng maliit na papel sa amin at binasa ko kaagad ang nakasulat.

Kill Hortem after the deal is complete.

Kinapa ko kaagad ang bulsa ko at mukhang tama ang hinala ko. Nilabas ko ang lighter at agad kong sinunog ang papel. Gano'n din ang ginawa ni Dim habang si Ink ay ginamit ang sigarilyo niya. It was actually a common way of passing down an information secretly, especially if there were some sort of listening devices.

"You and Spider will meet Hortem and make sure to seal the deal. There's no room for mistakes," mariing sabi ni Ink. "Details about the meeting and deal will be posted on the Death Index. That's all."

Pagkatapos no'n ay agad akong tumayo at naglakad palabas.

"Ah." Tumigil ako sa paglalakad at naramdaman kong nakatingin sila sa akin. "Any news about the Chromes?" tanong ko.

Based from Spider's words, Chrome was their term for Erityians. I don't really know how they managed to get information about us but I guess we couldn't really hide our race since some of our missions and jobs needed the underground community.

"Why are you asking about them?" tanong ni Dim at nanatili akong nakatalikod sa kanila.
"Is it forbidden? If you don't have anything to say, just shut the fuck up."
"You've crossed the line now, freak," sabi niya at naramdaman ko ang pagtayo niya.
"Are you really going to do this, Dim? Spider?" Napatigil ako nang narinig ko si Ink. His tone sounded like a threat. "Do you want me to report this to the higher-ups?"
"No. Sorry," sabi ni Dim.
"Tss. Whatever. Do what you want," sabi ko naman at tuluyan nang lumabas ng kwarto.

Pagkalabas ko ay doon lang ako nakahinga nang maluwag. Well, it was not hard to mimic Spider's personality since I'd already encountered several people like him.

Sinundan ko ang dinaanan namin kanina ni Dim at unti-unti na akong nakakita ng Blacks. When I saw an empty corner, I immediately changed my disguise into Twenty Four and went inside Chamber 21. Pagpasok ko ay nakita ko si Cliff at dalawa pang Blacks doon. Umupo ako sa tabi niya at gusto ko nang sabihin sa kanya ang nangyari pero bigla na lang may nag-pop out sa monitor ng room.

"Oh. They detected someone in the vicinity," sabi ng isang Black kaya napatingin kami sa monitor.

A radar was displayed and the red dot marked the position of the target. Suddenly, several white dots appeared on its vicinity, moving and surrounding the red dot carefully.

"Kung ganyan siya kalayo sa base, malamang ay sniper 'yan," dagdag ng isa pang Black. "Too bad he doesn't know the size of the areas covered by our security."

Nagkatinginan kaming dalawa ni Cliff at isa lang ang nasa isip namin. I immediately called him using my earring but what I heard wasn't his voice.

"Connection failed. The user cannot be contacted right now."

Damn it. Jett might be in danger right now.