"Jett, your coordinates?" Cliff asked while opening his laptop.
"Passing through the tunnel, five kilometers away from there," sagot naman niya.

Fortunately, the road to Nigel's hideout wasn't a problem since only few vehicles travel this way. I stopped the car in the middle of the road and prepared our plans while waiting for them. Cliff had his two laptops in front of him and when I saw some network connections when I glanced at those. After a few seconds, cctv footages along the highway were projected to one of his screens while the other had some programs running. Kinuha ko naman ang dagger ko at saka nagpalit ng anyo. Once again, I changed into Spider.

"Nel, 1.2 kilometers," Cliff warned. "They're here."

Just as he said, three black Fords raced along the highway and two guys leaned outside the cars with their guns aimed at us.

"Cliff, do the honors," I said and he heaved a sigh. He left his laptops on the backseat and reached for his guns.
"I should've been the driver," he grumbled as I start the engine.

Stepping on the pedals, I rushed toward the cars as Cliff leaned outside the window, pointing his two guns at the guy in the first car. The Black fired a shot and I had to swerve the wheel to the right to allow Cliff to have a better space for his target. When he got the right angle, he simultaneously pulled the triggers.

The guy on the window yelped, his blood trickling down his shoulder, as Cliff fired another one, disarming the guy. He fell from the car but the driver didn't mind. The two cars followed and showered us with bullets, but my guys were faster.

A black Porsche 911 stopped in the middle of the road, several meters behind the three cars, and standing on top of it was Jett. With his beloved rifle, he gunned down the bullets fired by the Blacks wih his own special bullets and they ricocheted away from us, while Cliff shot the driver in each car, causing them to crash against each other.

The cars exploded simultaneously and only two guys managed to get out alive. One of them was Dim. He looked and grinned at me, as if the explosion was nothing.

"Still keeping that facade, Red?" sabi niya at bigla namang nag-collapse ang kasama niya sa tabi niya.
"Hah. Seems like you don't hate Spider," I said, taunting him with a menacing smile. "I taught I might piss you off," I added and his expression turned dark.
"Where is he?" tanong niya.
"I am here," sagot ko naman habang nakangisi.
"I see." Suddenly, he pulled a gun out of his coat and aimed at me. At the same time, Cliff and Jett both pointed their guns at him.
"I don't think you have the right to do that," I said, sneering.
"You think so?"

Without notice, another car came racing toward us. Jett, who was positioned just before the approaching car, turned around and aimed at it.

"You're underestimating us," Dim added still pointing his pistol at me. I smiled in return and reverted to my original appearance.
"Well clearly, you're doing the same thing."

Just after I said that, he went rigid for a second and the next thing he knew, blood started to leak through his black coat. Jett had shot Dim backhandedly without even moving an inch from his spot, while Cliff fired a bullet at the charging car, and one of its tires exploded.

'You hit a long range quite cleanly. That's a first,' Jett commented.
'You know that that's not my range. You should've taken that instead of Dim,' sagot naman ni Cliff.
'Sorry. I got carried away.'

Dim clutched his wound while kneeling on the ground. Cliff, along with Jett, marched toward the unmoving car, carefully observing the movement inside it. I, on the other hand, looked at Dim who was glaring at me but I just smirked at him.

"You see, Reds aren't just some kind of spies," I said, pointing my dagger at his neck. "You should've killed me when I was still inside your base."

He suddenly clenched the gun on his hand but I was faster. I slashed his arm and he screamed, clutching both of his wounds. He was crumpling on the ground as he showered me with curses. I was about to say something but a scream of pain silenced me. Jett was grasping his shoulder, but what surprised me was the appearance of someone.

Ink was there.

"You have disappointed me," he said while looking at our direction. Saka ko na-realize na meron siyang arm sword at iyon ang dahilan kung bakit nagkagano'n si Jett. Bigla naman niyang sinugod si Cliff pero agad niyang nailabas ang armas niya—a starknife. Ink's sword crashed into his knife and he deflected it with force.
"D-damn . . . y-you . . ." Napatingin naman ako kay Dim na mukhang unti-unti nang nawawalan ng malay. I thought he was talking to me but I didn't expect to hear Ink's name.
"This won't be our last encounter, Reds," sabi naman ni Ink at saka siya sumakay muli sa kotse para tumakas.
"I won't allow you to run away," Cliff said while pulling out his shrunk car from his coat. He was about to click the button but his watch suddenly blinked.

For a second, I didn't know what to do. Following Dim might give as some crucial information but that might also be a trap. After all, among the three of them, he was the most cunning one. We shouldn't underestimate their capabilities and come at them unprepared or else, situations like this would happen again. These humdrums weren't normal. Giving up our pursuit would be a waste but Jett's condition and Kiyoko's information were my priorities.

Tumango naman ako kay Cliff at saka niya sinagot ang tawag ni Kiyoko.

"Come back here immediately," Kiyoko said and I could hear the urgency and panic in her voice.

Napatingin ako kay Dim at nawalan na siya ng malay dahil sa ginawa ni Cliff pero para makasigurado ay ikinabit ko sa kanya ang posas at naglagay na rin ako ng tracker at nanospeaker. Pagkatapos no'n ay lumapit ako kina Cliff at Jett para tulungan sila.

"Why? What happened?" Cliff asked while assisting Jett. He administered an antihemorrhagic agent to temporarily stop the bleeding but looking at the size and depth of his wound, it might affect his abilities if not treated immediately.
"Nigel thinks the Blacks have already located this place because of Spider's tracker and if that's the case, we need to get out of here." Pagkarinig namin no'n ay nagkatinginan kaming tatlo.
"We're coming."


We reached Nigel's hideout within a few minutes. Cliff carried Jett to the basement while I stayed here to guard Dim. The seats of my car had been tainted with their blood but I couldn't even get angry because of our current situation.

Naalala ko naman bigla ang nangyari kanina. Ink managed to escape and for sure, he would inform the other drittes, as well as the inner circles about us. On the other hand, we got two drittes—Spider and Dim—and we might extract crucial data or even their activities from them.

Makalipas ang ilang minuto ay bumalik si Cliff at binuhat din si Dim. Pagpunta namin sa basement ay naabutan ko si Kiyoko na ginagamot ang sugat ni Jett habang nasa control area naman si Nigel.

"What's the situation?" tanong ko kay Nigel nang makarating ako sa tabi niya.
"Bad," he replied. "Nox probably knows this place by now."
"But how? We destroyed the tracker before they narrow down their zone."
"They attached two trackers to him," sagot niya naman. "Yes, we managed to destroy the first but after you left, we found another one inside his mouth."
"What?!" I looked at Spider who was still unconscious and tied on the chair. "Then, are they going to attack us?"
"I have no idea but we have to be careful. For now, I setup a 1-kilometer detector and traps all over the place. We have enough time, maybe maximum of six hours, before they could find this place but we should leave as soon as possible. I don't want them discovering information about Erityians and other organizations that I have been monitoring."

Right. This place had a lot of researches about dangerous stuff and if Nox discovered them, it would surely create chaos. The Erityian race would be revealed to the world of humdrums and that was the occurrence the Founders were preventing to happen.

Pinagpahinga muna kami ni Nigel dahil sa mga nangyari ngayong araw. Sabi niya, may isa pa siyang hideout sa kalapit na city kaya naman tinatransfer niya sa server ng lugar na 'yon ang lahat ng files niya sa computers.

"Hey." Napatingin naman ako kay Cliff habang dala niya ang laptop niya papunta sa direksyon ko.
"Look," he said while pointing at the screen and I furrowed my brows when I saw those codes again.

Pitch: 639201218101624341428133215353
Hyacinth: 22320174827332018163018173216274716373810181426374320191322171636274
Pitch: 633301236382737432

"And? What are they saying?" I asked since I couldn't understand it.
"The deal between Hyacinth and Pitch, probably a Nox member, is going to happen."
"Wait, what are the details?"
"They're going to meet at Nightfall at the hour of the Ox," sagot naman ni Cliff at bigla akong napaisip.
"Nightfall? You mean . . ."
"Yes. The underground trading place."

Nightfall was the common term for all 'underground trading places' around the world, and it had been targeted by large agencies such as FBI and CIA but they couldn't pinpoint its exact location for each country. They just know that it was a place where transactions between underground parties or organizations happen. On the other hand, our CIA—Custos Intelligence Association—knew some of them but only the Executives and Dad have the information since missions involving Nightfall usually falls under Level S+.

"Excuse me." Napatigil naman kami sa pag-iisip dahil biglang pumunta si Kiyoko sa amin.
"Yes?" I still get dizzy every time I look at her mismatched eyes.
"Nigel and I got some valuable information from those drittes but we can't let them stay with us," she said while looking at the unconscious Spider and Dim.
"We can take them to our main base in the West," I suggested but that would take some time and we need some agents to do the job.
"Right?" sabi naman niya habang nakangiti. Did she just read my thoughts? "That's why I have a suggestion."
"What is it?" tanong naman ni Cliff.
"I can bring them to Shima," she said and my body tensed up after hearing that word.
"S-Shima?" I said, trying to hide the panic in my voice. "You mean . . . the Island?"

Almost all Erityians knew Shima, the once undisclosed and top secret island of Executioners, if not for that incident fifteen years ago. According to rumors, Erityians who were deemed as sinful and dishonorable according to their respective tribe's principles were brought to the Executioner's Island, and once you set your foot in that place, you wouldn't be able to see the world anymore.

"But they are humdrums," I said in response and she smiled at me.
"That island also houses villainous humdrums."
"How did you know that?"
"Because the Executioners in Shima are Senshins."

Nagulat naman ako sa sinabi niya. There were rumors about that since that incident was caused by a Senshin, though they didn't confirm anything. Shima was one of those scary children stories told by Erityian parents. They would always describe the Executioners as Erityians who could morph as grim reapers who could pull out souls out of children's body and they would use those to feed the monsters in the island.

"Do you know its location?" tanong naman ni Cliff.
"No, but I can ask for information," she responded.
"Does that mean you're . . ." My voice trailed off because she looked at me with her longing eyes.
"Yes. Maybe it's time for me to go home."


When midnight came, all of us started to move. Nigel, along with his luggage and other stuff, used Cliff's car for relocation. Jett decided to accompany Kiyoko, together with Spider and Dim, to Tantei High since he was still injured. On the other hand, Cliff and I were going to Nightfall using my bloody car.

"Jett, contact us immediately when you arrive at Nigel's new camp," I reminded him and he nodded.
"Be careful, especially with that East," Kiyoko said and I just nodded even though I didn't fully understand what she meant. After that, our cars parted ways.

I called Naia, who wasn't answering my calls for a while which was weird since she always answers our calls, and finally, she picked it up.

"God, Naia, what happened to you?" salubong ko sa kanya at may narinig akong engines sa background. "Where are you, by the way?"
"Sorry, I'm quite busy right now. Anyway, I received your mail and your Dad told me the location."
"Wait, Dad?!" I was taken aback by her response and I couldn't believe Dad gave her the information. He didn't even want to open that topic with me! "That's unfair!"
"Shut up, Nel, you're too loud." Napatigil naman ako dahil mukhang iritado ang boses niya. Maging si Cliff ay natakot dahil umayos siya ng upo. "Of course, he gave it to me since I am your Keeper. I sent you a copy of the map. Wait for my call before meeting that guy, okay?" She didn't wait for my response and just ended the call. Naia is really frightening when she's in a bad mood.

Pinacheck ko naman kay Cliff ang sinend ni Naia at in-open niya ang map sa laptop niya.

"So Nightfall is there, huh?" sabi ko dahil hindi ko in-expect na 'yon ang Nightfall sa Pilipinas.
"Step on it," Cliff ordered while looking at the time but when he realized what he just said, it was too late.

At least, we arrived earlier than the expected time.

"D-damn it," sabay hawak niya sa ulo niya pagkalabas ng kotse. That wasn't even my maximum speed. This weakling.

We were already wearing our disguises when we entered the place. The Nightfall of the Philippines was actually a casino and I could see a lot of Filipino celebrities and politicians, but what caught my eyes were the foreigners who were roaming around the place.

I still couldn't believe Nox's influence and power in the underground community. They could provide weapons for countries yet nobody could track their activities, as if they could appear and disappear in their own will.

'Hey. Look at that guy. And that woman,' I said while looking at them.
'Yeah. They're representatives from their respective countries. I knew it. It's not just that Hyacinth,' sagot naman ni Cliff habang sinusundan ng tingin ang ilan. 'Several countries contacted Nox for supplies and that's really alarming. How big is that organization?'

Patuloy lang kaming naglakad nang biglang may nahagip ang mata ko. I thought I was just seeing things but when I saw the guy's face for the second time, I realized they were real. His eyes were green.

'Did you see that?' Cliff asked and I was sure he was talking about that guy.
'Yeah. Is he a Senshin? Or a Shinigami?'
'I don't know but he looks like an Asian,' he said and I suddenly realized something.

She said something about East, a country's representative, and now I realized why. He was Japan's representative, one of the East Asia's countries, and Shinigami's main base.

'He's a Shinigami,' I said and we followed him.