“Game over, Reds.”

Tiningnan namin ang isa’t isa pagkaalis ni Olive at hindi kami makapaniwala sa sinabi niya. I actually thought I just misheard him but Jett’s and Cliff’s expressions confirmed that I didn’t.

‘He knows . . .’ my voice trailed off.
‘Blacks . . . is this their way of saying that they shouldn’t be mess with?’ dagdag naman ni Cliff.

According to Naia, Nox members use the term Red to describe us, just like how the underground community uses Black to label them. They know that people like us, Erityians, exist.

‘What are we going to do?’ Jett asked and I had to compose myself.
‘First, we should check Fatima’s room to see if there are clues about her identity. Second, we need to follow that guy. Cliff, you’re going with me. I need your animus. Jett, you’re the only one who can track him from afar. I’ll leave him to you.’
‘Roger,’ they simultaneously answered.

Iniwan namin ang mga kasamahan ni Fatima na mga artista. Jett immediately left the scene and activated his animus, changing his eye shape and color to suit his plan of action.

‘Where’s Fatima’s room?’
‘Rm. 603,’ sagot ni Cliff at naglakad kami papunta sa room namin.

I activated my animus and changed myself into a police officer, which I saw at the airport before, and Cliff put on his own disguise as a police officer, too. Luckily, we already prepared the police uniforms beforehand since they are the easiest to impersonate. After changing, we immediately went to Fatima’s room and I quickly deactivated the CCTV by throwing a small blade at it.

Saktong pagdating namin doon ay may mga pulis nang nag-iinspect sa 5th and 6th floor kaya natural lang kaming pumasok ni Cliff sa Rm. 603. However, there where already two persons in the room: a girl and a guy, probably in their mid-teens. Are they the detectives?

I nudged Cliff and both of us became attentive since the probability of them being Senshins is high. We opted not to use our patheia as they might hear our thoughts and I had to close my mind really tight because of the guy’s presence. I heard about a Senshin called ‘Akuma’ in the underground community. He had already caught several high-profile criminals even at a young age and looking at the guy here, the chance of him being ‘Akuma’ was quite high.

Naglibot ako sa room at ganoon din ang ginawa ni Cliff. Napunta ako sa bedroom at habang wala pang tao rito ay hinalughog ko ang mga gamit niya. As I was searching in one of her luggages, I found a small box but it was locked. In addition, beneath her clothes, there was a hidden compartment in the luggage and an envelope came into view. I was about to open it but I heard footsteps approaching so I hid both the box and envelope inside my clothes.

The girl entered the bedroom and we stared at each other. I felt an immense pressure coming from her but her expression remained stern, or should I say, she was trying to. I could tell that she was quite shaken but her presence screamed danger, as if something inside her was waiting to be awakened.

“I’ve already searched her belongings and found her wallet,” I said while pointing at the wallet on the bed, as well as several news clippings that I found in an envelope inside one of her drawers. Binigay ko ‘yon sa kanya dahil tingin ko ay wala ‘yong konesyon sa Nox.
“T-thank you.”

Pagkatapos no’n ay nilagpasan ko siya at lumabas na sa kwarto. I gestured a go sigal to Cliff when I saw him and both of us left the room. We didn’t talk nor use our patheia as a precaution until we reached my room.

“Use the barrier,” mahina kong sabi.

To ensure that there would be no eavesdropping, whether intentional or not, Cliff prepared the brain wave barrier that could prevent external brain wave frequency from entering and also masking the waves within, thus, disabling the inner voice or patheia and in effect, we couldn’t use it. He placed a frequency detector the size of a remote control on the wall and activated it.

“We’re safe now,” he announced.

Napaupo ako sa gilid ng kama at nilabas ko kaagad ang locked box at envelope na nakuha ko mula sa gamit ni Fatima Trillas.

“What’s that?”
“I don’t know. I found it in her luggage. However, it’s locked and after inspecting, the lock mechanism is much complicated than what I expected.” Kinuha naman ni Cliff mula sa akin ang box at inispect niya rin ito.
“We need an excellent locksmith,” he suggested.
“But the greatest locksmith of our tribe is Dale and the team Rubeus.”

We both went silent after that. I could send this box to Blake since he’s one of the best locksmiths in Class A but that would take a lot of time. I need to know the contents of this box as soon as possible.

“Nel, Cliff, can you hear me?” Nalipat naman ang focus namin ni Cliff sa earpiece namin dahil sa boses ni Jett.
“Yeah. Why?”
“Olive’s leaving. I’ll tail him so bring my guns and follow me.”

I heard the urgency in his voice so we immediately packed our things. We also put another earpiece for the listening device at the crime scene to monitor the investigation. Paalis na sana kami sa hotel pero sinara ko ulit ang pinto nang nakita kong nagkalat na ang mga pulis maging dito sa 3rd floor.

“We can’t leave using the front door,” sabi ko at agad naman kaming nag-proceed sa plan B.
“Then we’ll jump.”

I opened the window and fortunately, it was already dark and our room was facing the riverside. We immediately jumped and landed on the concrete safely, thanks to our shoes. Tumakbo kami papunta sa main road pero bago kami tuluyang makalabas ay kinuha namin ang minimized cars namin at inactivate ang normal size ng mga ito.

Seeing my Lamborgini Aventador Roadster made me excited. God I missed driving her. I was about to enter the driver’s seat but Cliff tugged my arm.

“I’m telling you, Nel, drive slowly.” I knew he would tell that.
“Yeah, I know. Besides, I can’t drive with my normal speed because of the narrow roads and traffic.”
“Good. Let’s go.”

Sumakay kami sa sarili naming kotse at nag-drive palayo sa hotel. I activated the radar in my car and I immediately saw Jett’s coordinate.

Well, time to chase him.


My thoughts wandered while I was driving. What if that Olive was just baiting us? Following him would be a risky move but we didn’t have any other choice. He was the only Black we could observe at this moment and maybe, he would lead us to his colleagues.

I heard noises in my left earpiece which was connected to the window pane in the crime scene. It looked like the Senshins already solved the mystery. Man, they are really amazing in that field.

“The victim is Fatima Trillas, a 26 year-old actress. Time of death, 8:03 PM. Cause of death, head injury due to a hard blow in the back of her head. Murder weapon must be the bloody metal rod found under the bed. The suspects are actress Joy Reyes, since the crime happened in her room; actress Geraldine Sera and director Charles Santos, the first ones who discovered the body.”

After hearing that, nagtaka ako since hindi kasama sa suspects si Olive. Or maybe they didn’t see him because he already left?

I heard disapproval from the suspects but they were stopped by a girl’s voice. She began telling her deduction.

“Ms. Joy, where’s the key to your room?” tanong niya.
“I-I don’t know! Nawala ‘yon kanina habang nag-iikot ako sa hotel. Nang papasok na sana ako sa kwarto ko, hindi ko na mahanap ang susi sa bag ko kaya naman nag-request pa ako ng susi sa staffs pero bago pa man din ako makababa, narinig ko na ang malakas na sigaw.” That must be Joy. So she lost her key, huh?
“Ms. Geraldine and Mr. Charles, magkasama ba kayo nang nakita n’yo ang bangkay?”
“Of course!” sigaw ng boses ng babae. “Sabay din kaming pumasok sa room niya dahil nagkita kami sa hallway. Galing ako sa room ko na katabi ng room ni Charles at lumabas ako para puntahan siya. Then saktong nakita ko siyang papasok pa lang sa room niya. Pagpasok namin, dun namin nakita . . . y-yong nakasilip na ulo ni Fatima mula doon sa veranda ng room ni Joy.” Rinig ko ang takot sa boses niya. Maybe seeing a head upside down, with blood trickling down from it was a horrifying view for them.
“How about you, Mr. Charles?” This time, lalaki naman ang nagtanong. Must be that Akuma.
“Katulad ng sinabi ni Geraldine, papasok na ako sa kwarto ko nang nagkita kami. Galing ako sa 4th floor kung saan sana namin i-shu-shoot ang ilang scenes para i-check ang set.”
“Do you have someone to prove that you’re there? Or were you alone, just like the two suspects?”
“I was alone. Kapag nagche-check ako ng set, mas gusto kong mag-isa.”

I was starting to analyze the murder scene based from the information I heard but my train of thought was stopped when I heard a long screech from the car beside me—a Porsche 911.
“Nel!” Jett shouted and I was surprised to see him beside my car. I immediately opened my window.
“What the hell are you doing here? I thought you’re following him!” Naging seryoso naman ang expression niya at narealize kong tinanggal na niya ang lenses niya. His blood-red eyes were staring at me.
“I was but two cars came from his sides and when I saw the car on the right side, I had to tell you who was inside.”
“What happened?” This time, si Cliff naman ang nasa left side ko.
“We need to save someone.” Pagkasabi no’n ni Jett ay binuksan niya ang car niya at tumingin sa akin kaya naman alam ko na ang balak niyang gawin.

I matched his car’s velocity and drove closer to him until he could jump to my car while his car shrunk into its miniature version. He swiftly moved his body through the open window and just like that, he was already sitting on the passenger’s seat. Cliff did the same and he ended up on the back seat.

“So, what’s going on?” Cliff asked. Jett took his gun set and started inspecting them.
“We’re going to save that guy,” sabi niya habang tinetest ang isa niyang baril.
“Who?” tanong ko.
“The guy we need to find. They have him. They got Nigel Grand.”